Response to Pulwama tragedy

The members of the speak to change foundation met on the 16th of February at 230 pm at Classroom no 1, YMCA Hostel , Jai Singh Road to discuss the Pulwama tragedy  and the response of the foundation to the same.

The members unanimously condemned the cowardly massacre and expressed their deep gratitude towards the members of the Indian Armed forces for keeping the country safe and observed a two minute silence to pay homage to those martyred in the tragedy.

They urged the government to take all possible focused steps to both bring the people behind the massacre to justice and also to use all steps short of war , which was only the last resort, to exert pressure on their handlers from across the border to restrain them from carrying out these dastardly activities.

They also agreed that this was not a religious issue as killing innocents does not have the sanction of any religion and terrorists were killing followers of all religions and strongly deplored any attempts to make it a religious issue.

They deplored the politicization of the issue in any form and urged the nation to stand together in facing this tragedy.

They also resolved that they would not be a part of any attempts to spread hatred and divisiveness and would not forward any posts suggesting these on social media and would also not participate in any discussion spreading hatred but would actually educate themselves on the points the hate mongers were using to buttress their cases and would use the information coupled with their communication skills to counter such propaganda and would attempt to spread peace and harmony.

They further resolved that they would take steps to educate their children and family members and those in contact with them on these issues.

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