Why should I learn to speak in public

This is by far the most commonly asked question.

Most people think that the learning the skills which make one a good public speaker are necessary only for those that want to make a living as a speaker, or who have to address crowds, conduct trainings etc.

We are interpreting the phrase “public speaking”  here, only in the meaning of making speeches whereas even if we interpret the term literally , it still means speaking to the public i.e. to more than one person.

If you ask us except the most intimate personal conversations, every conversation is an act of public speaking.

When you address colleagues in a meeting, when you talk to them in conferences, when you are offering comments to something someone said in a meeting, when u are telling a story in a gathering of friends or trying to explain your holiday plan to your family- in each case you are talking to more than one person and when you talk to more than one person the same principles are involved

Look at the people in your life who are successful in any of these situations. You will observe that the people who can influence decisions, change opinions and are popular have one thing in common- they are good communicators!! The principles of communication are the same , whether you speak to three people or a thousand. The form certainly changes but the principles remain the same.

After all what does public speaking require-

1)     A great idea

2)     A smooth flow of thoughts in appropriate language

3)     Use of voice modulation

4)     Use of gestures and body language.

All these are required while communicating in any of the situations except the most intimate one to one ones and the better you are at them , the better you will be able to inform, influence and entertain.

Besides this the more capable you are as a speaker , the more confident you are and the more confident you are the more genuine and convincing you will be, in any form of communication.

We have seen many examples at Speak to change  foundation itself, where the increase in public speaking skills have led to speakers discovering newer facets of themselves purely because of being able to express themselves freely and the increase in confidence levels.

So, the possibilities are limitless , and have nothing to do with making speeches alone.

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