Trail to the Grail

Public speaking was mankind’s first mass communication medium. It was speakers that informed and persuaded and uplifted. In fact the first manual for public speaking was written around 4500 B.C. by the Egyptians. A lot has changed since but in a manner we have gone r the full circle. With jobs becoming more competitive, a soft skill like oral communication has become the differentiator.

The 19th-century speaking was dominated by an emotional elocution style. Along came the conversational tone of the 21st century thanks to the influence of radio jockeys, TV talk hosts and video bloggers. From dependence on bodily gestures to convey emotions, the speaking community graduated to a cultured and natural style of public speaking.

Then boom, Alexa happens, the voice assistant that critiques! An Artificial Intelligence coach in PowerPoint was launched by Microsoft on the 25th of Sep 2019. Fancy receiving feedback on your presentation skills by a digital resident mentor!

Off the cuff or prepared, you are late to the party if you are not connected in a radical way. Make your speech therefore cheeky, geeky and a real quickie with the following public speaking apps that I have downloaded on my android phone:

 Voice Notes –   Record your ideas and thoughts on the go with this.

Metronome Beats- Track your pace in real-time.

Toastmaster Timer- Know when to transition from the introduction to the main body and then to the conclusion.

Orai- Recite your speech into this app and it sends the data to the cloud where the AI analyzes it.

LikeSo-This uses voice recognition technology and a fitness tracker approach to kill your poor verbal habits of “um” and “okay” and “totally”.

All this is not to discount the importance of your personal style of speaking and knowing the fundamentals of public speaking at SpeakToChange. But the connection is a speaker’s Holy Grail and evolution is the trail!


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