Speak to change events are held every 2nd , 3rd and 4th Saturday wherein 4th Saturdays are  public events and the remaining two mentoring sessions. Some special lectures and events by guest speakers are also organized on first Saturdays at times which are free for registered members and nominally chargeable for non members.

All events are woven around quarterly themes, with one genre or category of public speaking being chosen for attention that quarter. There is a contest in that genre or category on the last Saturday of such quarter in which trophies and certificates are awarded. Themes last year have varied from storytelling and persuasive speaking to humor in public speaking. The theme for the quarter is speaking to inform.





Once a theme is announced then in the first month of the quarter inputs are provided and model speeches delivered by senior members and mentors. Topics are chosen on which members can speak within that category.

These skills are further sharpened during the 2nd month of the quarter and members begin rehearsing for the contest. The public event of the 2nd month sees the grand debate being held in which we debate topics of social and national importance in an attempt to promote thought churning on these topics.

The third month of the quarter is spent in finalizing the speeches of the contestants and coaching them further with the public event being the contest. This event also sees a lecture by an outside expert on a topic of common interest.

We also encourage the participation of non members by having an open round in all public events but the coaching and mentoring events are only for registered members.​