Story Telling

Be the life of the party, every time!

This October, learn something that will stay with you for a life-time, the art and science of Story Telling!

Join our exclusive Story Telling Mentorship Program at SpeakToChange and experience first hand how master story tellers weave magic with words.

We’ve all had that one colleague / friend / relative who is the life of the party, the person who everyone just gravitates towards and sits around while they create a magical world all around with their witty, hilarious, engaging, sometimes obnoxious stories. These people have consciously or sub-consciously picked up the Art of Story-telling. 

Now, you have an opportunity to become the same. Join our mentorship program to become a Master Story-Teller.

The mentorship program is open for everyone.

Non STC Members: Rs.1,299
STC Members: Free

Exciting, well-defined agenda

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